Marie Cool Fabio Balducci

Occasionals II, Marie Cool Fabio Balducci, Untitled, Scotch tape, some bottles of water, desktop or workplace (2014)

Text: Arnisa Zeqo
Photography: Gunnar Meier
Graphic Design: Sabo Day, assisted by Augustinas Milkus
Pages: 8 plus cover
Dimensions: 230 x 170 mm
Edition: 300
Publisher: Tlön Projects, 2024
ISBN: 9789079605002

Price: 10 Eu

The publication was issued on the occasion of the exhibition Occasionals II, Untitled, Scotch tape, some bottles of water, desktop or workplace by Marie Cool Fabio Balducci held from 11 May to 1 June 2024 at Rongwrong in Amsterdam.

Occasionals is Tlön Projects’ curatorial concept and part of its Satellite Programme — an exhibition series that highlights single art works from the imaginary collection in specific locations.

“The desk, the water bottle and the Scotch tape are part of a vocabulary that is both blatantly plain and yet mysterious. Anyone can recognise them, they are no big deal, they are overlooked in between more important moments. But what do they really mean in life? How do they condition working bodies? The works’ titles can vary slightly over the years. The large water bottle can be replaced by a smaller one or the sheet of white paper could be removed and replaced by another object.
The actions, within the work and over time, resemble a secret ritual understood only by initiates. At the same time, they are so elementary, quiet and uncomplicated. I totally get them and then I don’t. Their repetition uncovers a sense of alienation, and such exposure includes the warmth of ascetic care. Their mystery and sacrality lies in this dynamic between repeated recognitions and blatancies. It is as if time has gone out of business.”

Untitled, Scotch tape, some bottles of water, desktop or workplace, Arnisa Zeqo