Nicolás Lamas
Contact, 2015
On loan to the exhibition des attentions at Le Crédac, Centre d’art contemporain
d’Ivry—sur—Seine, France

Curated by: Brice Domingues, Catherine Guiral and Hélène Meisel

In the spirit of an ecology of attention as defined by Yves Citton in 2014, the exhibition des attentions allows oneself to ask: what do we allow to go through us, or not within the digital environment we are living in? Emancipated from the pressing needs of a commercial communication that would require their works to be unambiguous, the ten artists gathered here call for a fluctuating and wandering attention, freed from a technological determinism and a marketable standardization. Rather than a permanent state of alert which requires immediate responsiveness and reactivity, they ask for a stealthy and flexible observation.

Contact originates from the Kervahut—Collection Laurent Fiévet.