Irene Kopelman
The Levy's Flight - Puzzle Piece #2, 2012
On loan to the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible at Marres, Maastricht,
the Netherlands

Curated by: Lex ter Braak, Huib Haye van der Werf, Valentijn Byvanck and Saskia van Stein

The Materiality of the Invisible approaches contemporary art as an activity that shares several characteristics of archaeology. Many artists probe the underlying layers of our social and political reality. They expose what is concealed and penetrate to other times. Like archaeologists, they make the invisible visible.

The Materiality of the Invisible shows the results together with the work of 24 other artists. The exhibition spreads out over the three locations, Marres, Van Eyck and Bureau Europa. Van Eyck is a partner in the multi-year EU project NEARCH – New scenarios for a community-involved archaeology. For this project, they selected six international artists who each collaborated with two archaeological partners.

In The Materiality of the Invisible, the artists disclose new and unfamiliar worlds by digging, like archaeologists, beneath the palpable surface and exposing the underlying layers of our interpersonal, social and political realities. Their discoveries, stories and installations bring forward possible interpretations of the past and future from which the overlaying present has been peeled away layer by layer. In so doing they proffer new insights into our own reality and they visualize the world of the imagination.

The Levy's Flight - Puzzle Piece #2 originates from the Masureel Collection.