Guided Tours
Zijn naam was Austerlitz/Austerlitz was his name

12.03.2022, 13:00

Venue: A Tale of A Tub, Space for contemporary art and culture
Justus van Effenstraat 44, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

As part of the group exhibition Zijn naam was Austerlitz/Austerlitz was his name you can participate in a guided tour by its curator Sam Steverlynck. The exhibition takes W.G. Sebald's novel Austerlitz as its starting point and consists of works from the imaginary collection of Tlön Projects. During the tour, Steverlynck will talk about the literary techniques and themes that are explored in the works of the 25 artists and in the novel: such as the impossibility of communication, the unreliability of memory, the latent life of history in the present, the use of found photographs to evoke or create memories and the unique combination of historical facts, autobiography and fiction.

Guided Tours Schedule: 12.03.2022

Sam Steverlynck (1979) is a Brussels-based art critic and curator. He was co-editor-in-chief of HART magazine, art critic at De Standaard for six years and often heard on Belgian radio KLARA. In 2021, he was curator of the 2nd year candidate laureates at HISK, Belgium. He is currently preparing L’Oeuvre et son Double, an exhibition at Art Brussels with works that are on view during the Venice Biennial and Tapping Time, a vitrine exhibition with Zebedee Armstrong for The Agprognostic Temple at NICC, Brussels.