Tlšn Projects














Tlšn Projects reacts to contemporary artŐs specific, heterogeneous needs. It forges alternative paths to enable the creation and presentation of artworks. Tlšn Projects unites selected artworks of international private collectors in a specially developed database to be made accessible to curators, thinkers and writers who can then devise various scenarios for a programme of exhibitions and ephemeral events. Tlšn Projects sets up a constructive path of visibility of this concerted fictitious collection and also (co-)produces new artistsŐ projects.


As a platform for interdisciplinary practice, Tlšn Projects generates knowledge in the field of contemporary art as well as room for research and dialogue. It offers not only a group of art works, but also the ability to discover the potential of a collection. In that sense that acquired knowledge serves as a tool for producing a train of thoughts and new scenarioŐs related to contemporary art collecting. Tlšn Projects aims to investigate and reflect on developments in contemporary art and hence presents local, national and international audiences with exceptional, unknown aspects of artistic expression.


Tlšn Projects will have a settlement far-off the common centers of artistic production and cultural endeavours. It will be located on unexplored and fertile terrain and acts as a laboratory to encourage research within contemporary art. It will be a platform where art can be shown in multiple, unexpected ways and as well be the base for the creation of a nomadic programme of exhibitions and events, hosted by other arts centers.